2024 Prices for Carports: How Much is the price of a carport in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Durban, and Pretoria

2024 Prices for Carports: How Much is the price of a carport in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Durban, and Pretoria

Whether you’re in Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban, or Port Elizabeth, understanding the price of a carport can seem daunting at first. However, our comprehensive 2024 Carport Price Guide is here to simplify your decision-making process.

This guide will not only help you compare carport prices across different regions of South Africa but will also provide you with a detailed carport price list. This will ensure you find the best carport deal

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See the Average Price for a Carport Across Different Areas in Cape Town, Southern Surburbs, Northen Surburbs

See the Average Price for a Carport Across Different Areas in Cape Town, Southern Surburbs, Northen Surburbs

Costs can vary, but here’s a clear picture.

AreaAverage Price per Square Meter
Cape TownR700
Southern SuburbsR720
Northern SuburbsR715

Carport Price List for 2024 Across South Africa

Check out our table for carport prices in 2024. It has costs from Cape Town to Durban, and everywhere in between!

CityMaterialSize (Standard Single)Size (Double)Size (Custom)Average Price
Cape TownMetalR10,000R15,000R20,000+R15,000
Port ElizabethMetalR9,800R14,200R19,600+R14,533

Trends in Carport Prices for This Year

This year, the price range for carports in South Africa stretches from R700 per square metre to R3000 for special areas like patios. The cost changes based on materials and the size of the structure.

For example, a standard single carport costs differently than bigger entertainment area structures. The trend shows prices depend heavily on these factors.

Prices are also up for 6x6m structures, moving between higher values compared to last year. Shadeports follow this trend, with costs ranging from R8700 to R20500 based on size and material choice.

Competition among companies promises better deals, aiming to offer lower costs than rivals. This competitive edge keeps prices dynamic across locations like Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

Costs of Installing a Carport in 2024

Installing a carport in 2024 means budgeting for both materials and labour. On average, you’ll spend around R150/sqm to R190/sqm, with most people seeing costs near R170/sqm. This price range helps plan for various sizes, from smaller single-car shelters to larger structures that cover multiple vehicles or even serve as an outdoor entertainment area.

CityInstallation Cost (Standard Single)Installation Cost (Double)Installation Cost (Custom)
Cape TownR2,500R3,500R5,000+
Port ElizabethR2,400R3,400R5,200+


From my experience working on these projects, choosing the right materials can heavily influence your final price. A simple setup might only set you back a few thousand Rand while opting for high-end finishes and custom designs can push the cost significantly higher.

Always consider how factors like size and location impact installation expenses.

A well-chosen carport adds value beyond just vehicle protection.

Deciding Between Carport Types: Prices for Flat Roof vs. Pitched Roof

Choosing between flat roof and pitched roof carports affects your budget. Flat roofs often cost less, making them a popular choice in South Africa.

CityCarport TypeMaterialStandard Single PriceDouble PriceCustom Price
Cape TownFlat RoofMetalR9,000R14,000R19,000+
Pitched RoofMetalR11,000R16,000R22,000+
Flat RoofPolycarbonateR10,500R15,500R21,000+
Pitched RoofPolycarbonateR12,500R17,500R24,000+
GautengFlat RoofMetalR8,500R13,500R18,500+
Pitched RoofMetalR10,500R15,500R21,000+
Flat RoofPolycarbonateR10,000R15,000R20,500+
Pitched RoofPolycarbonateR12,000R17,000R23,500+
DurbanFlat RoofMetalR8,000R13,000R18,000+
Pitched RoofMetalR10,000R15,000R20,500+
Flat RoofPolycarbonateR9,500R14,500R20,000+
Pitched RoofPolycarbonateR11,500R16,500R22,500+
Port ElizabethFlat RoofMetalR8,700R13,700R18,700+
Pitched RoofMetalR10,700R15,700R21,200+
Flat RoofPolycarbonateR10,200R15,200R20,700+
Pitched RoofPolycarbonateR12,200R17,200R23,700+

Are Flat Roof Carports Cheaper? Here’s the Scoop in South Africa

Flat roof carports are a popular choice in South Africa for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Starting around R1450 per square meter, including setup, they offer a budget-friendly option for covering your vehicle.

Prices can vary, but on average, a 6m x 6m flat-top shelter costs about R21000 before VAT in Johannesburg. This makes them less expensive than many pitched roof models.

Comparing different styles shows that freestanding or portable shelters often cost less than ones attached to the house. The need for extra support and more complex construction bumps up the price of attached versions.

So, if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly solution to protect your car from the weather, going with a flat-top version might be your best bet.

Price Comparison of Different Carport Styles and designs

Carport costs vary wildly, depending on their design and materials. Flat roofs often come cheaper than pitched ones, impacting your budget in different ways.

Price Face-Off: Flat Roof Carports vs. Shadeports

Both serve to protect your car from the elements but differ in design, cost, and the level of protection they offer.

FeatureFlat Roof CarportsShadeports
DesignWide, can cover several carsMesh fabric, allows air flow
ProtectionOffers more from rain and sunGood for sun, less for rain
Price Range in South AfricaVaries widely based on size and materialR8700 to R20500
InstallationMore complex, needs solid structureSimpler, quicker
SpaceRequires more space due to polesCompact, fewer poles

From first hand experience, flat roof carports offer better protection against heavy rain, which is vital in areas with unpredictable weather.

On the other hand, shadeports are more affordable and easier to install, making them ideal for quick setups. The choice between the two often boils down to your specific needs, including the level of protection you want and your budget.

Looking at Various Carport Designs and Their Price Tags

Looking at Various Carport Designs and Their Price Tags

Exploring different carport shapes and their costs can reveal surprising options for your home.

FactorDescriptionImpact on Cost
Material UsedType of material (metal, polycarbonate, wood) affects durability and appearance.Higher-quality materials increase costs.
Size of CarportDimensions and the number of vehicles it accommodates (single, double, custom).Larger sizes require more materials and labour, raising costs.
Design ComplexitySimple flat roofs are less expensive than complex pitched roofs.More intricate designs lead to higher labour and material costs.
LocationCosts vary by region due to differences in labour rates and material availability.Urban areas may have higher costs due to increased labour rates.
Foundation RequirementsType of ground preparation needed, such as concrete foundations.More extensive groundwork increases overall expenses.
Permits and RegulationsLocal building codes may require permits or specific design standards.Compliance with regulations can add to the initial cost.
Installation LabourProfessional installation versus DIY impacts cost significantly.Professional installation ensures safety and correctness but increases costs.

What Factors Determine the Cost of a Carport?

  1. Type of Carport Roof – Flat and pitched roofs differ in price. A flat roof, being simpler in structure, usually costs less than a pitched one which requires more materials and labour.
  2. Size Matters – The bigger your carport, the more it will cost. This is because larger sizes need more materials like steel or aluminium and more work to set up.
  3. Material Choice – Aluminium and steel are common choices for carports. Steel is sturdy but often pricier than aluminium, which is lighter and easier to install.
  4. Design Complexity – Simple designs save money. Complex ones with extra features like enclosed sides increase costs due to added materials and work needed.
  5. Installation Site – The location affects the price too. Hard-to-reach areas might lead to higher transport costs for materials and workers.
  6. Labour Costs – Paying someone to install your carport adds to the total expense. Prices vary based on experience and location.
  7. Preparation Work Needed – If your site needs clearing or levelling before installation, this preparation work will add to the overall cost.

From personal experience, I found that choosing lighter materials and a simpler design kept my costs lower without compromising on quality or durability.

Deciding between different types of roofs was also crucial; I went with a flat roof for its affordability and ease of installation in my area.

Breaking Down Carport Pricing: What Influences the Costs?

Many things can change the price of a carport. Materials, size, and design all play big parts in how much you pay.

Average Prices for Carports in Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban and Port Elizabeth

Here’s a detailed look at the average prices for carports in key South African cities. This table will help you compare costs across Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban, and Port Elizabeth. Keep in mind that the final price depends on your choice of materials and size requirements, particularly for a standard single carport, which is typically 3x6m.

CityAverage Price per Square MeterInstallation Cost per Square MeterNotes
Cape TownR600 – R2000+R150 – R190Price varies in different suburbs, higher in Southern/Northern areas.
Gauteng (Johannesburg and Pretoria)R600 – R2000+R150 – R190Costs are consistent across the province.
DurbanR600 – R2000+R150 – R190Prices are on par with other major cities.
Port ElizabethR600 – R2000+R150 – R190Similar pricing structure to Cape Town and Gauteng.

This table shows that while prices for materials may vary widely, installation costs are more consistent, averaging between R150 and R190 per square meter across these locations. Whether you’re in Cape Town’s suburbs or the heart of Gauteng, these figures can guide your budgeting for a new carport.

Always remember, patio or entertainment area carports may see prices starting from R3000 per square meter, a significant jump due to specialized design and materials.

Understanding Shadeport Prices for South African Homes

Shadeport prices in South Africa vary a lot. They can go from R8700 to R20500. This depends on what they’re made of and how big they are. For just one shadeport, you might pay between R6000 and R8000.

The usual cost is around R7000. Compared to carports, shadeports are usually less expensive.

Shadeports provide a more wallet-friendly option for home car protection.

Materials play a big role in the final price tag. Whether it’s fabric or metal frames, each choice affects the cost. Size matters too—the bigger you want your shadeport, the more you’ll have to spend.

No matter what style or size you choose, investing in a shadeport means paying less than you would for most carports out there.

Carport Installation Areas in Cape Town: Where Can You Get One?

Area in Cape TownTypes of Carports OfferedFeatures & Options AvailableNotes
City BowlMetal, Polycarbonate, CustomWaterproofing, Custom Designs, UV ProtectionCentral location, easy access
Southern SuburbsMetal, Wooden, PolycarbonateEco-Friendly Materials, Integrated LightingResidential area, wide coverage
Northern SuburbsMetal, PolycarbonateAutomated Gates, Security FeaturesFast-growing, modern amenities
Cape FlatsMetal, WoodenCost-effective Solutions, Basic and Functional DesignsBudget-friendly options
Atlantic SeaboardHigh-end Custom, Polycarbonate, MetalLuxury Designs, Corrosion-resistant MaterialsPremium services, higher prices
West CoastMetal, Wooden, CustomSand Protection, Wind Resistant DesignsSuitable for harsher environments
South PeninsulaWooden, MetalNatural Aesthetic Options, Durability against Coastal WeatherClose to nature, unique designs

Detailed Table: Where in Cape Town You Can Install a Carport

Cape Town offers many places for carport installation. From the bustling Southern Suburbs to the quieter Northern Suburbs, options abound.

My journey began in the leafy streets of Claremont, moving through to Milnerton’s coastal breeze. Each area brought its own challenges and rewards. Installation costs vary, starting from R150 per square metre up to R190, with most companies suggesting an average of R170.

Exploring further, I discovered that patio or entertainment area shades start at around R3000. Shade ports differ slightly in price but usually hover around R500 per square metre on average.

The best part? You can fill out a form and get quotes from local installers tailored to your specific needs—making it easier than ever to find affordable carport solutions right in your neighbourhood.

Scouting for the Best Carport Deals in South Africa

Scouting for the Best Carport Deals in South Africa

Finding top carport deals in South Africa takes effort. You want quality yet affordable options for your home.

Find the Perfect Carport Design and Price for Your Home

Picking the right carport design for your home starts with knowing what you need. Prices range from R700 per square metre to R3000, depending on whether you want a basic cover or something fancy for gatherings.

If you’re aiming for a single vehicle shelter, expect sizes around 3x6m. Materials and design play big roles in cost variation.

Local companies offer free quotes, making it easier to compare options without committing just yet. I recently went through this process myself and found that exploring different materials and styles can hugely impact the overall price.

Steel structures were particularly appealing for durability and cost-effectiveness. Before deciding, check out several designs — flat roofs might save some cash compared to pitched ones, while modern designs like shadeports add aesthetic value but could pinch your pocket a bit more.

Free 24/7 Carport Installation Quotes in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

You can get free quotes for carport installations in Cape Town, day or night. Our team is ready to assist you whenever you need it. Whether your car needs shelter from the rain or harsh sun, we offer solutions at no cost to start planning.

Our service covers all areas within Cape Town, from the Southern Suburbs to the Northern Suburbs. We provide fair prices and quick responses because we know how important a safe spot for your car is.

Get started without having to pay anything for your quote today.


1. How much does a carport cost in South Africa?

Carport prices vary, especially across cities like Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. Expect differences based on size, materials, and design.

2. Can I find affordable carports in Durban?

Yes! Durban offers a range of carport options — from basic steel structures to more elaborate designs. Prices are competitive.

3. What’s the price for a double carport in Cape Town?

Double carports in Cape Town have varied prices; factors include material choice and whether it’s flat or with a pitched roof.

4. Are there modern designs available for carports?

Absolutely! Modern carports feature sleek designs with steel frames and sometimes even aluminium options — all customisable to fit your home’s look.

5. How do I get an estimate for a 6×6 carport installation near me?

For precise estimates, contact local providers with details of your desired 6×6 structure; they’ll factor in materials, delivery, and installation costs.

6. Do prices differ for single versus double garage-sized carports?

Yes — double garage-sized structures typically cost more due to increased materials and labour involved compared to their single counterparts.